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My home audio/video setup

My home audio/video setup looks like on picture below:

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The TV which I have chosen is Panasonic plasma NeoPDP. Model 42G10.

This model TV has exceptional black level, fantastic motion clarity, natural-looking colours and perfect screen uniformity.

AV receiver

Best choice for warm sound and clarity picture is Harman/Kardon AVR 260.

This is 7.1 receiver with 1.3 HDMI pass through capable to decode high definitin audio (DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True-HD). Also it has Faroudja graphic processor for great 1080p upscaling from any video source. Receiver also has preouts for all of 7.1 channel so you can connect external amplifier.


No compromise! Passlabs Line Stage of Zen preamplifier.

It is just wonderful sounding. Pure A class based on MOSFET IRF610. Sounds liquid with great depth. Many thanks to Nelson Pass for wonderful design. See more in DIY section.


Amplifier with blood and flesh. Marantz MA-9S2 clone.

This so-called Marantz MA-9S2 clone has incredible sound. Well, it is not 100% clone, but it beats a lot of famous amplifiers on the market. It blasts! Sound stage is realy good. See more in DIY section.

CD player

This is almost vintage CD player: Pioneer PD-S505. It date from 1998. and still is doing its job well.

It has stable platter mechanism and fantastic DAC. Precision sounds, sounds incredibly vivid and lifelike.


Half-DIY Gigawork 192/24 upsampling DAC. DAC is based on audiophile dual Burr Brown OPA627 unit and R-core transformer.

Decent sound and real improvement and upgrade for a good CD player anyway. Tonally the Gigawork is warm, smooth and with a more extended and fuller bass. See more in DIY section.


Stand alone tuner are always better than integrated, especially when it is Tangent TNR 100.

It is perfectly build by using aluminium front panel and a ridget cabinet. All electrical and mechanical parts and the combination gives a performance hard to beat.

Media player

Media player Popcorn Hour C-200:

The Popcorn Hour C-200 support many file formats and codecs with internal storage and network connectivity. It is the ultimate all-in-one multimedia player, there is no better solution on the market.


Front end speakers: Acron 600B

Amazing sound from vintage German hi-fi boxes. Very rare!

Center speaker: Jamo D8CEN

When nothing but the very best is good enough for Home Entertainment system, the Jamo D 8CEN is the speaker it need for the all-important centre channel role. Jamo's audiophile reference speakers. The result is sensational reproduction of voices and details, with a level of clarity that does full justice to discrete Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks.

Subwoofer: Energy S10.3

The Energy S10.3 subwoofer can blast bass from 21Hz to 110Hz and this makes it low enough for the deepest bass audible. It is capable of producing the sound that exceeds by far the amount of quality and excellence other brands offer for the money. The Energy S10.3 subwoofer sports a 10-inch Ribbed Elliptical Surround ass driver, whose cone is made of ceramic/glass/mica-loaded polypropylene hybrid. It is virtually distortion-free even at high levels and for the lower frequency spectrum.

Headphone Amplifier

Class A single ended MOSFET hearphone amplifier - Mikrotrend.

Highly transparent, neutral, well balanced sound, crystal clear amp with very low noise. This class-A headphone amplifier will blow you away. There's enough power to drive any kind of headphone. See more in DIY section.


AKG K 701, reference headphones.

Sparkling highs, excellent headstage, great imaging, and instrument separation. AKG K 701s are the best-sounding headphones I've heard. The K 701s just flat-out sound more like music.

Sennheiser PX-100

Best portable sounding headphones. The PX 100 is great product. Lightweight and comfortable, unbeatable sound quality for the price.


Interconnect cable: Van den Hul MkIII Hybrid

Probably, one the best interconnect cable on the world. This cable can deliver almost anything that is in the program material, Cable can transfer the emotion in and behind the music, the fire in the music.

Interconnect cable: Tasker C-209

Excellent value for the money. Who need more?

Speaker cable: QED Silver Annyversary XT

Award winning cable. QED Silver Anniversary XT is quite simply the best value speaekr cable that money can buy. Lead in its class, Silver Anniversary XT consists of asilver-plated core visible through a flexible 3.9mm diameter clear polyethylene outer sheath. Once you try silver plated cable, you'll never want any other speaker cable.


High Quality DIY 4ch audio mixer

4 channel audio mixer, suitable for connecting and mixing four audio sources. This DIY device is based on high quality components. See more in DIY section.


Electronic Keyboard: Roland G-70

G-70 takes sound and performance to a level of realism. The keyboard on the G-70 features a superb weighted professional action with aftertouch, which has a longer stroke and a more natural, responsive feel. The G-70 is equipped with Roland’s most powerful sound engine.